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Ideal Space

Elevated Studios is easy to find right in the heart of the Trolley Square neighborhood of Wilmington, Delaware. Our location is ideal for busy parents who need to run a few errands while their child takes part in one of our many kid programs. Our studio offers over a thousand square feet of clean and comfortable mat space. We also have a spacious bathroom as well as an additional changing area so that our students with packed schedules can change before and after class. Our lobby is a Wi-Fi hot spot and holds a seating area that is available for students and parents to watch classes. For the adults, if the mat is open, you can come early to drill, stretch, or roll before classes start.

Clean and Safe

We pride ourselves on our cleanliness. At the end of each day we clean the lobby, cubbies, and bathroom. Even though there are never shoes allowed on the mats, we vacuum and disinfect the mats multiple times a day. At the end of each week, we do a more detailed and thorough clean of the entire studio from top to bottom.  Parents, as well as students and adult practitioners, know that our facility is an extremely clean and safe place to train.

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