What Sets Us Apart

At Elevated Studios in Wilmington, Delaware, we maintain a balanced, all-inclusive environment. White belts and black belts train under the same instructors and receive guidance appropriate to their goals.

We love what we do here, that’s why we are open 7 days a week. Our passion lies in the upkeep of the studio, the authenticity and quality of the programs, and our superior method of instruction.

We celebrate the art of jiu-jitsu and look forward to supporting your journey.

Youth 1 (5 - 8 years old)

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Youth 1 is a fun and engaging introduction to jiu-jitsu and great opportunity for students to learn fundamental techniques. Students focus on situational awareness and simple techniques that can be used to prevent and avoid conflict, supplemented with practical self-defense and grappling skills. Traditional martial arts values such as self-control, focus building, and respect empower students on and off the mat. 


Youth 2 (9 - 13 years old)

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There is a natural flow as students progress in their understanding of jiu-jitsu. Students will refine their abilities and skills through live sparring, enhanced self-protection drills, and greater resistance training. Safety remains paramount as more advanced techniques are learned. As a stepping stone to the adult program, the curriculum follows the same course.



20171016 Elevated marklikoskyphoto 126133At Elevated Studios, there is no experience or athletic background required to train in the basic program. This program is designed to introduce beginner students to the fun and challenging art of jiu-jitsu. During class, students will learn the fundamental techniques that lay the foundation for the rest their time on the mat. The basic program includes both Basic Gi and No Gi classes. If you have never trained before, simply call to set up your free introductory lesson.



20171016 Elevated marklikoskyphoto 126127The advanced program is only open for experienced students. The curriculum covers more complex, yet subtle, aspects of the art. During this program, students will work to sharpen and refine their skills as well as learn new techniques. This advanced program includes Advanced Gi classes, No Gi classes, and Open Mats. If you have never trained at our facility before, please call or stop by to receive a schedule.

FREE Introductory Lesson

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Learn more about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and find out how you can sign up for a free introductory lesson at Elevated Studios!

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