20171016 Elevated marklikoskyphoto 41908Youth 1 (5-8 year olds)

Our daughters started at Elevated Studios when they were both three years old and we could not be happier with the children’s program there. Elevated Studios has created a environment that is conducive to both educational and physical skill development. Mr. Steve is a excellent hands-on instructor who focuses on the individual as well as the group. Both girls’ behaviors at home and school have been positively affected by their time there. Both girls are successfully transitioning into the 5-7 year old program and their development thus far is a direct reflection of the personal attention and atmosphere fostered by the staff at Elevated Studios.

-MacNamara Family




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20171016 Elevated marklikoskyphoto 41938YOUTH 1 (5-8 year olds)

We hadn't seriously considered martial arts training for our five-year-old until we met Stephen and Renee and experienced what Elevated Studios could offer. At the introductory (and private) class our boy was comfortably relaxed, yet his focus was already being drawn into Stephen's energy, enthusiasm, and instruction. In the last few months we've witnessed that focus tighten on the training. Even after a full day of soccer camp this summer, our boy was ready to get back to the studio and train.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu has become a significant part of our educational life as well. Stephen presents monthly themes like Integrity, Nutrition, and Modesty to ground the physical training in a more holistic approach. The themes give our family great topics for conversation over dinner and help develop the self-discipline that is so important when learning powerful self-defense techniques. It's even been a fun way to discuss South American and Asian geography!

Enough can't be said about Stephen as an instructor. His patience, positivity, and upbeat intensity benefit every kid in the room (including spectating siblings). He wants the students to succeed and cares about their progress. At any challenging moment, he opens communications with parents and addresses concerns. Beyond all the wonderful things we could say about Elevated Studios, Stephen's presence and instruction are really the driving factors of the experience

-Zerbey Family

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20171016 Elevated marklikoskyphoto 40460Youth 2 (9-12 year olds)

Elevated Studios was highly recommended to me by a friend, so I decided to take a look. We walked in, talked to Steve and Renee and immediately felt the special attention to all new students.  You can feel the passion from Mr. Steve! We usually let the kids decide what sport/activity they want to do, but with the condition that they stick with it and don’t quit. Well, we committed for 6 months because kids loved their intro class and the first free week.  After the first 6 months went by, we revisited the “sign up” process with the kids and they said they absolutely wanted to continue with jiu-jitsu.  Both kids love Mr. Steve and look up to him.  I particularly like the Black Belt Excellence sheets, it’s showing my kids responsibility to get their “homework” done and they always look forward to working hard to advance.  I can’t say enough good things about Elevated Studios and Steve/Renee.  The studio is always spotless and you can tell they are proud of their studio.  I, hands down, recommend Elevated Studios!!

-Murphy Family



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20171016 Elevated marklikoskyphoto 126021Adult Fundamentals

My dad convinced me to go to Elevated Studios because he felt it would enhance my judo. I hesitantly attended a class and upon entering the open and loving atmosphere, haven't looked back.

Steve has the ability to break down every move to its core. By focusing on motion and technique first and foremost, he has made it easy for the smallest woman in the room to execute his moves against the biggest men. Not only does he preach technique, safety, and respect but class is often jazzed up when his son Anton asks for hugs mid session.

Renee and Steve have built an environment where women aren't pressured, respect is expected, training is exhausting, and instruction is exceptional. Having traveled the world doing judo, I am glad that Elevated has become my bjj home.

- Kristin El Idrissi




20171016 Elevated marklikoskyphoto 126005Adult ADVANED

I have been involved in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since 2003 and have had several instructors over time. My decision to come train under Steve Plyler at Elevated Studios has been the best decision I have made in my training journey.

Steve has a unique talent for articulating not only advanced techniques, but more importantly the concepts behind those techniques, which allows me to immediately apply those concepts to my game.

I am a frequent competitor in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Grappling tournaments and I always go into competition feeling confident and prepared. This is due to the knowledge and experience I gain from the advanced classes, one on one attention and frequent sparring with Steve, and the numerous Brown and Black Belts at the studio.

Whether you want to train for competition, or just want a fun hobby that challenges both the body and mind, I am confident that Elevated Studios is the place for you.

-Brian Sheehan 


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